Mirror Mirror, on the wall

Mirrors and pictures have long since been used around the home. Mirrors are used by designers to create a feeling of space as their reflection tends to make a room appear bigger than it actually is. Mirror installations should also be used in less bright areas of the home as they reflect light and brighten up rooms. Mirrors are also used for decorative purposes when trying to achieve a certain interior design theme, such as Victorian, Art Deco or Contemporary. It is advisable to consult professional mirror hangers before hanging a mirror as the weight of the mirror and wall structure need to be considered. Mirror installing companies in Sydney are used for more domestic settings and can be found in your local trade directory. For more commercial projects, such as large mirror installations in offices and public buildings, it is recommended to use the services of an architect or surveyor.

Art in the home reflects personal taste as well as providing a focal point and being the topic of discussion. Depending on the size of frame, type of painting, such as canvas, paper or art board, and whether the artwork is behind glass, these factors will determine how the picture will be hung. Wall hanging accessories come in the form of hooks and wires but mistakes are often made in the choice of wall hanging accessories, and if your artwork is valuable then it is always advisable to use the services of professional art hangers. Canvas hanging is very different to hanging pictures in a frame as the canvas is usually stretched over a wooden frame and would require a different type of fixing. You would also need to check the structure of internal walls and whether they are suitable for hanging artwork. The wall construction will also determine which type of picture hangers to use. The weight and size of the frame or canvas, as well as the wall structure are all factors to be considered before attempting to hang any artwork. If you are unsure of what type of wall hanging or picture hanging fixture to use then contact professional art hangers.

When hung professionally, mirrors and pictures create a certain mood or ambience, and will complete the look of any interior design project. Professional picture installers and professional art hangers in Sydney have many years experience in the trade and can use their expertise to advise on how and where to hang to make the room aesthetically pleasing. They can also tailor wall hanging systems and use bespoke systems to meet the needs of the customer. Professional picture and mirror hangers also work with safety in mind, so to avoid a DIY disaster it’s probably better to leave it to the experts.